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Christmas Tree Dressup

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~*I thought i should make a game for xmas, and the only thing i'm good at right now is dressup games.. ^^
~*This submision is greater than the other,meaning: i added a preloader [first thing for me], it has 3 songs ^^,2 different trees to decorate, a print button and 2 easter eggs [or should i call them xmas eggs] .. well, you get the point ..
~*Please recall that all the drawings and objects were made via Swish or Photoshop WITH A MOUSE! so the graphics are.. not so great .. >.<
~*Hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas!

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ha ha ha ha ha ha that first song is realy good wats it called

blaalb responds:

it's Jingle Bell Crack Rock by Jeffro-Puff


Sound Effects:-/10

Mwa ha ha ha ha. Sorry it took so long for the review and the ranking. Its been awhile since Ive been online. Anways. Great game. The tree could of been larger, and I get the sneaking suspicion that the second tree was impromtu, as not all decorations fit the tree. Secondly, as you said, the graphics werent perfect...BUUUT, for mouse work, damn good job. Finally...BWA HA HA HA HA to the music....gotta love that jingle bell crack rock.

blaalb responds:

:3 thanks you so much.. i'll try harder next time.. :P


There is only one easter egg! U LIE!!! its a smiley face hat leads to a youtube video that has been removed by the user. damm.. not the greatest flash evar but keep going man.

blaalb responds:

there was another one in the credits scene as a heart, but i doesn't seem to work O.o ..

Kudos - definitely not just another dress-up!

Truth be told, I couldn't really get excited about the graphics, but they did the job and the music made up for it, anyway. The "other" tree and the song that went with it (trying not to spoil any surprise for people reading the review) were particularly nice touches. They really made this flash for me; pretty animation is nice, but it's kind of secondary to having a good idea.