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Tetris Beta

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Hey guys. Well I fixed it and it works. So have fun and enjoy. If you didn't read it before. I TRIED putting in music. Didn't work. So don't complain.

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Pretty Slick!

I liked it.

Its not too bad

When you want the block to go down faster, try to make it where the key is more sensitive/ more responsive when you want to it to go down.

Music would be nice, maybe something good maybe a selection of music would be cool

have the game more centered in the middle of the screen (just a suggestion)
but it could help with people that dont see to well.

good game so far just could be improved

Not Another Tetris Game!

Well, it was a decent attempt. However, try making the line-vanish effect a little quicker. And a little flashier. A game like Tetris can't survive on gameplay alone anymore. It needs sounds, music, and nifty graphics. Overall, the atmosphere of the game is severely lacking.

As far as putting the sound in, I believe you can attach sounds to blank keyframes. Background music would just end up on another layer.

Alright but....

I understand if music wasn't working but could you of at least included some sounds? A thud for the landing of blocks would be good. This wasn't the worst version of tetris i've seen but, still, it's freaking Tetris! Not bad, but it still needs some work in the aesthetics department

Swing and a miss...

First...don't try and tell the users what they can and cannot complain about. Its not our fault you don't know how to add sound. 2) If you're going to try and make a game like tetris fun, it needs sound at the very least. If not something to make me want to progress to other levels. I know you posted as "Beta" but you can't expect people to not complain about something just b/c you don't want them too.

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2.61 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2007
9:52 PM EST