Santa Golf

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It's Christmas Eve. Santa plays a round of indoor golf while delivering Christmas presents to kids.


I thought this was a pretty good game. It really is a fairly original idea. I guess Santa has just done so many things it only figures he would go into sports. It was a bit hard to understand where to put the ball in. I should have noticed the hole wasn't there at first. It's still pretty enjoyable.

It helps that the music is nice. I think even that is a bit different than the usual stuff. I remember a radio saying it was only six months until Christmas. Thanks for warming me up! I'm not much of a fan of golf in real life, so it's better in games like this.

Good effort. :]

The main problem I found with it was the chimney. It was a great idea but was too hard, too often. If it was on two or three levels, fair enough. But the problem is, if you miss it, it's just frustrating as it's then even harder to get it in. You can find that you've used the par strokes just getting it in the house. Apart from that, it's great! The system of not waking the kids up was intuitive, original and added an extra skill to it. The levels within the house itself were imaginative, and challenging. And of course, it's Mini Golf. Rock on!

Good effort my friend.

Yes,like the whiners before me....

....the game was basically the same level over and over again. But people,....there is one thing that surpasses your little bug reports and such. and that is a tiny question called...Did you have fun with the damn thing. This was entertaining.


ok. still needs some work. hardest part for me was getting ball into the chimney. insanely hard for me. good work though.

balls tend to roll ya know!

this game may have gotten a slightly better score if the ball actual obeyed the laws of physics. i actually got the ball stuck on the edge of the chimney. it didnt bounce that much either which was annoying and its virtually impossible to get a hole in one in fact it is impossible. other bad parts were that it was the same level every time. different obsticles made it less repetetive but it was still the same route. perhaps add different types of houses and make it possible to get a hole in one.

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3.34 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
10:11 PM EST
Sports - Golf