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Pocket Pool

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Use mouse to move the stick, pocket the balls to get points.

* Infinite levels
* Point Bonus

This game was made with the source codes located in the autor site.

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Here is a another review (after the first got deleted) on this game after playing it for the second time. The physics it this game NEED to be fixed and make it run a LOT smother. Some points balls aren't moving but the game has to go through till the STOP but the game keeps them moving at like .01 mph so you can't tell unless you pay super close attention.. Fix these 2 things and it'll be a hell of a lot better.

not bad

all i can say on this game is that the physics need seeing to a bit and that in stead of waiting for the cue to pull back for power you should put some sort of power bar instead so users can choose the strength of there shot. also i prefere a pool game where i can just have fun so put in different game modes for more variety.

Needs Improvement

As drunken-step-dad says, the physics aren't that great. And I didn't know I had lives until I ran out. You should have a heartbeat sound when you are nearly out, so people will know.


I like the fact that it has infinite levels good job! hope it passes :)

why dont you try making your own games...

instead of stealing common games from major websites like candystand. This game is posted on just about every mini game website on the web including newgrounds. Now you decide to submit it adding to the thousands of preexisting copies just so you can get flash points? Wow pretty lame if you ask me 0/0

aquarto responds:

You should pay more attention about your comments, cos i made the game by myself, and i'm the source code owner. I don't really care about flash points. Even game idea is not original, i don't really see a problem, how many tetris, pongs, pacmans are out there?

Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
9:09 PM EST