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Operation Armageddon Tsr

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Author Comments

The official Operation Armageddon Teaser
Man, I can't believe how much time this taken me! This is a huge project, the whole script isn't really done yet, but I have most of it in my head.

This teaser is also a tool to get some attention that I need voice actors! More information is in the end of the teaser, and if you're interested, don't hesitate to join!
Also, shortly before the movie itself is released, I'm going to put a trailer on Newgrounds. But that's going to take a while, believe me.

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6 Years later...

I mean really? You're just going to cancel a movie that could hit big-time?
WE NEED THIS MOVIE MAN! So, uh... Go out there and... Nah, I got nothin'

Just hope you can finish this.

RockLou responds:

Lol I haven't even considered finishing it. I got better things to do.

Ha ha.

Sweet deal tweening.

I liked it, good graphics and animation.

RockLou responds:

Thank man! I've grown to dislike this though >.> I think I'm gonna redo the whole friggin thing.

You have improved ALOT!!

u have improved alot and i give it a 5/5 cuz it looks awosem happy animating bye

RockLou responds:

Thanks piktul! :)

3/5 and 7/10

It's a little short, but I suppose teasers are. The stickmen didn't look too bad. The bacround needs a little work on aswell, but it nice. If you gonna' have VA in it then you're gonna' need some kind of mouths or a way of telling who is talking.

RockLou responds:

Thanks, and yeah the backgrounds could use some work. I was thinking of just having the stickmen's heads twitching a little or something, could show who's talking.

Awesome!! Wonder about the series...

little short but i understand it was a teaser
but mainly try to speed up the fight scenes a little bit and make the sound effects a little longer, also if your going to add voices your gonna need eyes and mouths for your characters so work on that
Overall it was a great movie, the music fit well and the fighting was ok, like i said needs to be increased in speed a bit... also try and avoid straight away shots, in a line, like at the end where he was running toward the boss head on the its hard to animate the other enemies popping up. If you want to show a scene like this show the entire path the character will be running on from far away( like the boss' view of of the fight and how it's coming toward him) and show all the enemies in proportion with the path, know what i mean?
anyway i can't wait for the real thing!!! i'll be sending you a demo reel soon with my voice for several characters and what not
keeping in touch to reach me just pm me when ever I'm always on and if not i will answer it As soon as i can, thanx!!

RockLou responds:

I understand what you mean with speeding up of the movie, but not the comment about longer sound effects. What do you mean with that?
And what exactly do you mean with 'straight away shots'? Are you saying it looks bad when the 'camera view' kinda follows him, in that end scene?
Well... thanks, and i'll be looking forward to hear from you.

Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
11:00 AM EST