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Flash Presentation Ocean

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I made this for science class, and my teacher loved it. I would like to know if you also like it. It may not contain action and that kind of stuff, but it's a school presentation. Rate the effects, music, presentation ,aniamtion, etc. Please. NOTE: A very special friend gave me the music, and images and information. I Wuv her! ^^



I have to fix the mouse on first Scene, but you can find your way around to the fish.
I have to fix some minor stuff, I'll fix everything tommorow.
Half-Life 3 : Unforeseen Consequences trailer will be out soon, a collaborative project with some friends.

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Good, but needs work.

This was pretty cool idea. It does need some work though. For your index, It's not really a good idea to put words over an image like that because it makes it hard to see. Type and images are both thought of as images/graphics and u don't carelessly put two graphics together because you won't be able to see it properly. I you are going to put type on an image try messing with the type till it works. For yours, i think u should try putting a drop shadow behind the type. It will make it stand out. (this only works in some cases, u have to play with the type to get it right.)
Also when you go to the under sea part i couldn't find a way to return.
I'm not writing this to make u feel bad or nothin' cause its actually pretty good. Just giving u ideas to help u improve it. :)