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=Simple Button Tutorial=

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Alright here's my first tutorial. It's for beginners to get the basic on buttons. It has easy to follow steps with screenshots and lots of examples. It also has teaches about different actions scripts.

Please actually watch it before voting and vote on how good you understood.

Anyways, if you think it's good, and if it passes judgment, please recommend it for the Flash Tutorial collection.

Again, this flash is for beginners. =P

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hell yeah i lov the golden sun music

There was the only one creator that is PHANTOX! Hah, clicked it! great tut, the box for the sounds a bit hard to see, you should've just circled the load/shoot sound bit(I have no idea what I'm saying) Maybe you can bg the button gun because I had to hover to find out that it's one, lol I'm stupid. I really hope you're still here :c


Do you know how long it took me to find something simple like this just to make a "next frame" button?! GAH!!!

My issue is now: Why won't the button work when I test it? It's not clickable and it doesn't show the rollover colorchange i set to it. Pretty says: Hi i'm a button but I do NOTHING!!! >:D

I did everything it said to and still I got zilch. What's wrong??

Phantox responds:

Make sure that when you "convert to symbol" that you choose "Button" and not "movie clip" or "graphic".

For the roll over, make sure to have a keyframe inside the button timeline. "Up, down, over, and hit" Make sure the color you want it to change to is in "over".

Make sure to add the action script to the button to make it work.

If you have any further questions, leave a comment on my profile or send me a message. I'll be glad to help.

I got a problem

i tried using this but the flash played before i pressed the button. How do I stop this?

Phantox responds:

Go to your timeline and click on the frame the button is in. Right click the frame in the timeline and click Actions. Write the following:


That should make the movie or game stop at that frame and make it play when someone does an action, like pressing a button. Sorry for the late response. I hope this helps and good luck

Great in depth tutorial!

It was a great tutorial for me, but none of them worked asI am using actionscript 3.0
You should think about doing another tutorial for that..
And keep the background white, much more clear.

Still a great tutorial! :D

Phantox responds:

Well I made this flash way before AS 3.0 came out so... Anyways, thanks for the review!