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Handdrawn cargame v.0.23

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Almost everything is handdrawn. I was dumb and removed my previous version of this game, so i had to upload it again, thats not good. But anyway, steer with arrow keys, aim with mouse and shoot with left mousebutton. I fixed so the steering would get easier for some ppl. Now i have fixed all bugs and big problems i have found. Hope you enjoy, or something.

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im sorry about my last reveiw. this game is actually very fun ad i definetly enjoyed it. sorry bout that

My High Score was eaten!

I like the game, I didn't however like that it stole my score and wouldn't let me keep it! I worked hard to get as far as I was! Other than that the speed can get pretty crazy, I was going so fast that I couldn't catch the power-ups.. It was nice though.

TorskMunken responds:

but from now on i dont think that it will delete the highscores anymore. thanks for the comment

it was ok

kind of fun, but sort of boring in a way. I just don't know how to explain it.

Better, but still taken down by the controlls :(

I beleive I reviewed the original cargame and said taht the way the car controlls make it impossible to do anything right. You didn't change the controlls, and they were still bad.

Like I said, the whole "Left turns left, then go straight" is a very bad thing. You basically have to wait to turn. then go??? Take my advice: Make left mean "move left" , not "Turn left". The car does not need to rotate.

Please, make another version with revised controlls and I will give you a better score. Also, on the plus side, I really enjoyed the hand drawn graphics, they were easy to look at, so I reccomend keeping the graphics if you make another version.

TorskMunken responds:

I have now done so it gets easier, and i hope it gets easier for others too.


It was a great game, but it was really boring and the controls were horrible