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Xmas Treats

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Author Comments

A puzzle game from me. Simple and hopefully fun to u!

Also taking a chance here to greet everyone Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


Hi guys,

I've updated this games with all your wonderful suggestions. Below is what have been improved.

:: Scoring system ::
Score is not based on matches anymore. Instead every item is 1 item point.

:: Available matches ::
Now, there is a new button, View Hints, on top. But there is a time penalty of 50 when click upon.

:: Background music & Sound fx ::
I added a cheerful xmas music (Christmas 2005: Jingle Bells by Khuskan). The sound fx is replaced and of course, a sound on/off ctrl at the left bottom corner.


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Almost a daily first

What I'd really say that this game needs is a 'view available moves' button. My god, it became really tough when I couldn't see a move to perform. Perhaps consider penalising time for that manouver, or make it available only a limited number of times per game / level.

Still, this is a nicely festive game that is slightly addictive. I would say that with some sort of musical accompaniment, you'd certainly be onto a winner with this entire game concept.

[Review Request Club]

zijian60 responds:

Hey Coop83,

i've added a "hint" button in the game. Thanks for your review also=)


Great game. This was really cool. There isn't anything you could fix in this and I loved the christmas theme BTW. Anyway, Keep up the awsome work! ;]

zijian60 responds:

Thank for your comment and encouragement!

Great fun, just needs a few tweaks...

I love games like this, and I liked the new lines coming in from both sides instead of just the top.
Someone else mentioned that the combo system is broken, and it is. Fix that, and you'll really have a winner.
I think this might benefit from speeding up the first few levels, though. I was getting a little bored after getting 10-15 of each item. Maybe, instead of starting at 20 each, start at a lower number. Then, after getting more items on the list, you can start increasing amounts, too.
Actually, you could increase the amounts from the beginning, and give the player one item for each item gone from the board. Match 3, get 3, matching 5 will add 5 to the list. This might help fix the combo issue, as well.

zijian60 responds:

the combo bug is fixed! no more scoring point accordingly to matches. Now each individual item is one item point.


hey man it's good i'd give you more points just that i didn't have anymore i'm new anyways so plz acknowledge me cause i have no friends.

zijian60 responds:

no problem jodecker. thanks your review.

Simple Fun, Could Be Even Better

This style of gameplay has been done many times before, and certainly with more interesting additions than you have here. That being said, it was still a nice version of a classic game. The graphics were attractive and clean, and the action moved along quickly, allowing maximum matching action. A couple of criticisms though:

1) The sound. The dinging noise got very old very quickly -- please get rid of it or at least give an option to turn it off. I can see when something matches up, I don't need to hear that loud ding each and every time. Also, I'm surprised you didn't put any kind of music, especially some kind of Christmas music, since this is a Christmas-themed game. Again, it's something I should have the option to turn off, but having a choice of a few different, appealing songs could help the atmosphere.

2) The list. I thought the "complete the shopping list" goal for each level was fine, but then I realized the system was flawed. Specifically, scoring combos is good for points, but NOT good for the list. If you get anything more than 3-of-a-kind simultaneously, it still only counts for 1 addition to your list. Even if on a single move you form 2 separate 3-of-a-kind matches of the same item, it will only add one of that item to your list. Since winning a level is based not on points but on finishing the list, this is a glaring oversight, especially since you have little control over the large combos that tend to occur. You should tweak the list system so that combos are reflected accurately on the list.

But I still had fun playing this game for a bit, and if you address these issues it would be worth even more of someone's time. Merry Christmas.

zijian60 responds:

1) the dinging noise is change to a light tinking sound. theres also a bg music now=)

2) the scoring bug is solve by a new scoring system. do check it out.

thanks for your review.

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2007
8:41 AM EST