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That's My Fulp XX

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That's My Fulp XX: 2 Girls 1 Fulp!

Sorry for the file size.

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Happy 20th episode.

The way Tom gave it to Wade was hilarous bringing up bad times and then finding his shit stained shorts i was laughing my ass off and then when Wade hit it off with Doc Brown that was also funny as hell,overall this was one of the best episodes overall in the series and was very enjoyable. =)


I like it, the animation was kinda crap, but I guess thats just an aspect of the entire art piece, I love your humor.

This reminds me of Jr./High School minus the weed!

That was great, tubgirl.com , sh*t stained skiveys, and CLIFFORD! This takes me back guys... :)

Damn good

I've been a fan of this series forever, it's gotten better and better everytime. Doc getting high is priceless!


Bad animation, Bad voice acting, Bad jokes, Bad flash.

They hardly moved, does it really take that much skill to make Tom blink for 9 minutes?