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After months of work, I finally have ASD! ASD is a flash sprinkler designer. It is not a game, and is not ment to be fun, but to be used as a tool to help you to design sprinkler systems. This is for very selective audiences, so I will get some teens sayin its crap cuz its not a game and vot 0/5 and 0/10, and then a 40 year old home owner who used it to design a sprinkler system will absolutely love it and vote 5/5 and 10/10. You may ask, why a sprinkler system? Well, alot of neighbors and friends needed a sprinkler designer, so I made one and I decided to just submit it to newgrounds! If you are going to vote low just because you think its not any fun because its not a game or a movie, plese vote it on the quality, graphics, easyness etc.

Version: 1.05.036

Version 2 will hopefully be released in july 2008. If you liked this, please download or bookmark it.

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Wat The Fuck
That is (no offence andy :P) THE worst flash submission ive ever seen on NG what does it even do...PLEASE DONT MAKE A VERSION 2!

andy70707 responds:

Okay, its a flash sprinkler designer- completely random I know but for some reason when I made this over a year ago laods of people I knew wanted a sprinkler designer program.. so I made this. And I really eouldnt make a version 2. I could do, and make it like 50x better, but its so random and pointless im not going to.

ok listen man...

Besides this not being appropriate for newgrounds even in some home designer website it would suck. The buttons are wonky, the cursor ocassianaly dissapears, and the graphics were very bad. Also for the lines...wtf? They were just different colors. You could have included a house icon and used the lines only for the tubes and grass. You could also have explained what each part does in the tutorial.

Fair review below

Honestly, the graphics made it look like it was created by a 3-year old. At least try to put some effort into them. Trace pictures of real sprinklers or something, then color it grey with lighting or something.

Next, you used component buttons, which although they look nice, did not go well with anything else since they were so neat, and everything else plainly sucked.

This would work great as an engine for a real version, but in it's current state, its un-usable. A homeown also woulden't come to newgrounds or your Piczo website to use this. You would need to move it to a real website domain or something.

There is no animation at all. When you place an object on the screen it should have a short representation about how far the water would come out, or just a blue circle saying the diameter of its range.

Lastly, when you go in the begining, there should be a screen that the user could enter the dimentions of their garden in, so it would be more relavent. While I'm on this course, the grid needs reworked, and don't use blue for the background.

Basic points for improvement:
1) Graphic, graphic graphics
2) Basic animation/water diameter circle
3) Garden size window at begining
4) Better grid
5) More user freindly
6) Draw own buttons, so everything has the same style
7) DO NOT resubmit to newgrounds, it dosen't belong here. Try the forums
I know you already have, i saw the thread, just try it again with a better version
8) Make it a program, not an engine
9) Change background
And finally...
10) Add a print button, or a save button, add more features, add more sprinkelers, just add more THINGS to make it more useful to the home owner.

A fair review,

Something ok

Really good flash skill needed. But your program isn't clear enough. Try adding a background sound (dunno if that would help) sry for the 2/5 and 7/10

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2007
1:37 PM EST