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Author Comments

my 3rd flash submission, it's a stick fight i made really quickly, i want to move onto something else so im gonna submit the unfinished ver.

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Keep going with this - I like the small sticks, when the guy grew it went down hill in my opinion, keep them small. If I was you I'd start again from just before he grows. Also, with the energy balls try adding some filters, a glow maybe because it currently just looks like a big blob of milk :P

So yeah, good luck and keep going with this, make it fast, add blood and lots of violence and you could have a winner here. Maybe some weapons? Swords? Heh, it's up to you. Good luck, I'm interested in seeing the final fight.

Not good

Unfortunately this is very poor however I am gonna give you some advice

First do not start anything new finish this and repost it when its better.

Second There isnt enough action going on. Increase the movement just cuz one guy is moving doesnt mean the other guy stays still. How often in a fight do you let the other guy hit you? Make dodging and faster hits.

Third work on your graphics. You must understand that Newgrounds Viewers absolutely hate stick figure movies. This is an unfortunate fact. However if you make the movie good and the graphics of the stick figures clean and sharp it will help out alot.

Finally make a nicer background. I dont care if it stays black and white or if you make something incredible. Draw a decent background and make things break rather than just blowing holes in the ground.

If you would like a good example of what you are trying to do check out SHOCK 2 on the top 50 movies. This should be your goal I based my review and score off of improvement of from your other movies. There wasnt much improvement.

1/5 1/10

The sticks are WAY TOO SMALL

and the fight isnt that smooth. try to improve the smoothness - make line sticks, for example. good luck!

Finish it up!!!

All, DUDE.

Nice animation, tho I rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly hate stickman.
Try making a REAL human figure.

Dont tell me u dunno how to do, cuz I juz made a flash for ppl to learn how to draw better, no offence, juz an instant reply if u reply me u dunno how to draw ppl.

So, rlly the fighting, pretty good background... Could do more character in it, like
2 vs. 1 OR 2 vs. 2

Good luck when u finishing it!

Please put an icon, ppl usually dont look at flash w/o icon on it, okay?
It also can attract ppl when they see ur flash icon. =)

Spend your time better.

Please finish it.
It is not the best idea to have unfinished work here.
People will frown upon it.