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Miss Dynamite XXIII gdh

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Miss Dynamite 23: GITMO DOLL HOUSE.
In the last episode, Eva and Blackie got captured by US forces in Baghdad. Now stuck in Guantanamo Bay's Camp Delta, they must plot an escape. It probably helps to understand who all the characters are if you've seen episode XXI (21) and XXII (22).
With Kagome as Eva. Mizura as Blackie and more. And Tomamoto as all the male characters. Also with original music from Tim White (the Miss Dynamite theme) and two songs from Science Ninja Big Ten. That's Ghastly's band, in case you know him.
That's all the comments I can think of for now, so enjoy!
Oh ya, thanks to Tom, Stamper and Johnny for helping me with the audion synch.

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the fuck blackie


We'll can't go wrong with miss dynamite as always there's some good adventure in this and all of the series you do the story was decent and you bring some nice visual points but I have enjoyed this for the beautiful flow of animation and the story was notbad I actually wouldn't mind more special effects on this but overall you have impressed me from start to finish on this nice film here

Some added flashy effects on those action moments


Tomamoto really is in everything! It's hard to not misspell his name as "Tomato". This was still great. It's nice to see how this has aged. We finally caught and killed Bin Laden! Oh wait, you're Canadian.

Well, you probably wanted to see him dead too. The animation was so gorgeous. I loved the roman numeral joke at the end. At this point, sequels don't use roman numerals. That shiv scene is scary.

The end was enough for 5 stars, holy fuck

Miss Dynamite still kicks after all these years. She may have mysteriously vanished for a few years but I hope she makes a big comeback! Eva is a classic Newgrounds icon that deserves some love in the new age of Newgrounds. Keep up the good work Sirkowski!