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This is the trailer for my upcoming flash movie : MFZ's Ultimate Flash movie, my latest and biggest project,here is a trailer of it,it may feature bad animation,but please let this movie in!
I worked hard on this joke,it dosent have good animation,but that dosent mean you can't giggle watching this! Thnx for watching it! The movie will come out maybe around the end of '07 or around Christmas, have a Happy New Year!


Wooh.....my first flash in NG ,thnx NG!


Dude no. Stop it.

Stop using your voice in your movies.

It's annoying.

No, really annoying.



Now stop it.



That's nice.

But the movie isn't.

Heh-heh, heh-heh.

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MFZ95 responds:

who are you?

one word, poo

well, that was rubbish use some voices and have a plot, i dont know what the movie is even about!

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MFZ95 responds:

are your speakers shit?first of all make your own movies.And use voices? I PUT VOICES! and i will in the full version,and no-one is supposed to know what it is about!,have a plot?Have you read my journal?no,so don't blab until you see the full version and....Merry Christmas! :)

How old are you?

Dude I've watched your most recent video so it's not like you got older or anything. You sound like you are 10-12. Sad to say this flash was completely horrible. I suggest better voice acting, animation, and no more inros.

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MFZ95 responds:

Hello Nintendoguy95 well ,i am 12 years old.Well i made this flash a few months ago before having the idea of UFM,and it was on my other swf,since the .fla file disappeared ,i used Flash decomplier which made the gif sprites turn into jpeg style,do not blame me,the sprites were way better quality on the other flash,i just wanted to rip this scene off and put it on my flash,before you ask yes it is my work and no more intros? this isent an intro,its just a trailer.Why is animation so bad?this was made months before i got better and flash decomplier shorted the picture quality.Voice acting?I suck at voice acting,i tried to get other voices to get in but they were like ''srry too busy'' or ''later'' and the classic ''never Ohnoez1! n3var eav3r mak3 a f1ash m0v13'' i hate L33T speak!.I am young,my voice sucks,and this is just a small part of my flash skill,i will make better flashes in the future,as you may have known my latest flash ''A Sega Short: MJ vs Sonic'' has better sprite,animation and quality.Blame flash decomplier for not exporting fla to swf right.Wait until you see the full version,its gonna be my best!


What..exactly is the point of making a trailer to a flash movie..especially if your going to do a and no offense by this but a bad job. Bad voive acting to much slow Star Wars text and only one barely interesting scene from your upcoming flash...please make the actual thing interesting..

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MFZ95 responds:

the flash was made before the idea of MFZ's UFM was made,i had an old flash,i decided to take that flash's scene and put that in this.the acual thing is better,and make a flash for yourself.Then talk

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Dec 3, 2007
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