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TunnelTrax 2nd Mix

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Yep, it's back, and maybe even better than ever! I've put a lot more effort into this offical sequel to my entry for that music game contest we had directly before the NG Redesign (quite literally I may add, nice way of preventing people from submitting after the deadline XD)

I got 3 new songs for ya, an updated graphical appearance, and what not. Also high score lists still, no stupid border of doom, and hopefully a better experience overall.

p.s. I am so deleting any high score with "YOUR NAME HERE" as the name. You can type your name there you know.

edit: fixed the easy mode goes to hard mode bug

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Unfortunately... I'd have to say this is a letdown

Hi, I'm not sure if you remember but I reviewed the first TunnelTrax with a bit of constructive criticism and have anxiously awaited the sequel... however I must say that I am not entirely impressed (no offense.) Let's start with the sound, the music choice, as with the last game, is very fitting. I have no problems here. Controls are about the same, and of course the concept is about the same. Now here is a bit of criticism:

For one, I didn't finish playing through easy mode because it was, well, easy. Now obviously this is not a bad thing but I'm just making it known that my review does not include easy mode. As for hard mode.. it was well put together... but... it was really short. It made me feel like if I wanted to I could play it forever without dying (it repeats of course.) Compared to the first this was a huge let down as hard mode was extremely fun and.... hard in the first.

As for speedy mode, when it started out I loved it, the faced paced high pitched music along with the flying blocks. Then came the lasers... that... didn't shoot (??). It sounded like this was unintended as the song had evident sections that could have been synced to a shooting laser. Then came the next set of two lasers, which once again, did not shoot. I can only assume that these are glitched. Then finally came the main problem... the hyperspeed part that seems ridiculously hard... the first time I got through the entire thing untouched. Extremely surprised I played it again and noticed that the hit detection is HORRIBLE during these portions of high speed play. I was able to move STRAIGHT through blocks and not get hit. Now I'll be the first to admit that I have no knowledge of Flash and do not know if this is merely a side-affect of the programming, but it was extremely disappointed as speedy was the only difficulty that even seemed to pose a challenge. I'm not sure if this is fixable but it would be nice if it was.


Controls: Pretty much the same as the first, could be a bit smoother but they get the job done. Hit detection was not a high note here so I'll give you a 6/10 for this.

Music: Excellent choices in my opinion for the purposes of this game.

Gameplay: Amusing gameplay, very similar to the first (which I enjoyed) however I could not fully enjoy it due to the aforementioned glitches.

Graphics: Simple and get the job done, nothing spectacular, but nothing spectacular is needed.

Overall: If the few bugs mentioned were fixed it could be an excellent game... obviously it is nothing groundbreaking but it is impressive and admirable nontheless. For now you will be getting a 7/10 and 4/5 (I'm only voting 4 because I'll assume that the Speedy difficult SHOULD work in which case it WOULD have been a 4/5, in it's current state I'd truly rank it more around a 3/5.)

I apologize for the criticism but hope that you will recognize it as constructive and not insulting. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. :D



game PWNED liked the music DOWNLOADED the music.. ya easy i lost Very Easy
speedy almost and hard i did ok.. for awhile..

ok then

speedy was easy hard was medium easy was super hard

cool game but...

the speedy mode was really easy and I got on the highscores, the hard mode was medium, and the easy mode was near imposible!

Awesome game

Cool game, but hard was easy and easy was hard. I know I'm not the first one to say this, but I felt like saying it anyway.