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The Snowman that Hated

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I like to think of snowmen as the way Inspector Haraway from "Innocence" saw dolls: a child's attempt to recreate a human, like the way an adult strives to procreate an infant. So there are few ways differentiate humans from snowmen.

And that's why you don't fuck with them.

Made for an art project that needed to involve snowmen in some form, so that's why it's so short. Sorry. A small clip from a Myst III song (I know), was used to make the creepy low sound at the end.

This took about three weeks to make, and it was finished in a hurry, so sorry about the lack of NG logo in the beginning (I love NG, you can be assured of that, and will NEVER take it for granted). Also, I apologize for the poor laughing animation, for it was the first time I animated someone laughing. Finally, I recommend this be played on medium quality if your connection's shit. Enjoy!

And watch your back.

Wait? Christmas collection? This doesn't have a goddam thing to do with Christmas!

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Could never forget this dark seasonal flash.


I expected something so much more brutal form the arguably evil snowman. The simple punch in the face made me giggle.


i love the animation, especially the bad ass snowman

one day snow men will rule the world

one day dogs will rule the world

TheoryFilms responds:

Thank you for the nice score, but can you please, next time you review a Flash movie, keep to the topic of the film, as opposed to wandering off in some sort of nonsensical, irrelevant direction relating to a creature that was not shown or even mentioned in the picture?
I would appreciate it.


it took waaaay to long for anything to happen and it was way to short :( but the art and whatnot was good :)