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Bunkaroo Bob v.42

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This is just the beta. I thought before I went on making the game I should deal with any issues that are present now. So please let me know anything you experience or anything feel that should be in the game. Thanks!

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By far the greatest game ever made

My mind has been blown to pieces--the scrolling, graphics, sound, gameplay--all significantly better than any commercial work I've seen in 15 years. I think the only thing better than this was Mark-Kate and Ashley Mystery Mall on PlayStation 1. But, that also had a $122 million budget. You could create better for $5. You rule, man!

everyone-dies-alone responds:

Shut up Nate.


this game ís awesome i really liked the way you made it look like a retro game it kinda remiends me of super mstio (thats a good thing) and it was over all my
expectations i loved it!!!

everyone-dies-alone responds:

Hey I am glad you enjoyed it!

Sick, with issues.

First off, great job, I like the Mario-esque vibe of it, and the 8-bit music and sfx are awesome but you have to address a few issues before it goes gold.

For one, for a first level, the jumps are way too hard. You want to ease the player into the control scheme and balance challenge with advancement. I have no idea how long a game you want to do here, but if I'm having trouble making past the first stage, I may be inclined to skip the others.

Second, your hit detection with the breakable blocks is way off. They are smashing when I merely wish to use them as a platform. I also experienced this falling THROUGH them.

Lastly, zoom it in a bit. You have pretty good detail on the sprites and could afford a to increase the magnification, it would give it more of an authentic 8-bit vibe.

If this is a beta, and you can iron out some of the little glitches, you could have yourself some featured material here.

Great job!

everyone-dies-alone responds:

Thanks! Yeah I know there are still a lot of issues. The hit area on the breakable blocks was off by a few pixels, I will be fixing that. I appreciate your input!

pitfall meets super mario down under eh?

love the atari graphics. only bug/flaw i found was when i broke a block that an enemy was standing on, they hovered on the spot where the block was, they didnt fall even when walking over a gap caused by a breaking block. fix that and you get a 10/10 from me

everyone-dies-alone responds:

haha Well I guess I can't say the enemies all have magical flying powers? Yeah I haven't written the falling code in for them yet. Thanks!

this should be in NG beta....

it really should.

everyone-dies-alone responds:

I am not sure what that is. If it's for beta projects, I should have put it up there. Thanks for the score though!

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4.17 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2007
11:51 PM EST