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JL: Law School 30

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Author Comments

This action-packed flash is extremely graphic intensive, so I needed to put in a stop feature when there is too much lag. The flash is action-scripted so that when the upload rate is detected to be a slower rate than the minimum embedded rate, a preloader will pop-up and ask you to adjust your quality setting. To adjust your quality setting, right click the screen and select either medium or low depending on your processor. Please allow your browser to accept cookies or this flash will not work properly.

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Set quality to low before I pressed play. Played, stopped, played again and it went further. Pretty neat, wish there was more to it though. Great flash goes well with the mortal kombat theme.

Farewell to flash

Once again the masterful jujube proves that his grasp of the digital medium surpasses all. Here he has once again subverted our perception of the natural order of progression in a digital work and has created a joke so subtle and dry your throat aches. Newgrounds unfortunately does not deserve this level of work but here it is for the peons to ignore, but surely its trick will work its magic here as well as could be hoped. Bravo again, my Jujube

JujubeLock responds:

Always a pleasure my good sir

lamest joke ever :)

so i geuss you have the worlds fastest computer because everybody will have to set there quality down :p

maybe some buttons with quality control would be fun then because not al people know how to set the quality lower i geuss.
i find it a shamed that this joke has to be in it, because the art actualy looks pretty good, but i'm to stuborn to play it a third time to see if anything is behind the second loader... to bad could have been good.
so to break it down:
here are my suggestions, make quality buttons iff u wanna keep the joke or remove the jokes and let people actualy enjoy this thing in one piece

Obviously a trick.

I figured out the trick pretty quickly. There is no "stop feature", just fake preloaders in the middle of the flash. The first just plays slightly more, and the second loops back to the first part.

JujubeLock responds:

Nope, sorry, its just your processor quality.

it messed up

my computer has handeled flashes with graphics as good or better than this on mdeium quality fine, but i put this on low and it still stopped and said low processor. it looked good and all i rlly wanted to see it but it wouldnt let me. either way it just wasnt the best idea to actually stop the whole movie and not let you go on, i really would have prefferred to have watched this movie with some lag than not watch it at all.

JujubeLock responds:

Maybe the script was buggy, let me check. I'll let you know via pm if I resubmit.