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The Snowmen Come'ith

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(Guest star BLOCKHEAD!!!)
WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD!!! It takes while.
And watch to the end to see the snowmen showdown.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!:Now cartoon has:
quality adjustment
Blockhead talking
Cool fire intro!!
Cool Cool Icon

Remember to SUGGEST THIS FOR THE BLOCKHEAD COLLECTION!(because it already made it into the christmas collection!)

Watch the entire movie to see bluey and pinky take revenge on the snowmen and Blockhead revenges some ghostmas heritex by Chasing down a snowman!

Here it is one of the ultimate flashes on the internet.
So the story is pinky and bluey are out playing in the snow when an evil snowman finds them and builds an army. Having seen to many action movies,bluey and pinky know what to do.

Thank you for your time.

Remember to PM me and review to tell me how i did or ask any questions i promise i will respond to all REVIEWS!

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blockhead didn't hardly get ant air time...i only watched this because blockhead was in it, but i got let down....


Is this the bathroom?

ConcorX responds:

Thanks and no,the bathroom is that way >

that was good

hey...isn't the "snowman cometh" what that guy out of bioshock says?, well either way that was quite entertaining well done

ConcorX responds:

I don't know(i don't have an x-box) but if it is,sure why not! I could always use another pop culture icon to back me up!


In the beginning it didn't make much sense. Also the cursor was annoying and unnecessary. It caused lag in the preloader. It was pretty good otherwise...

ConcorX responds:

1.It didn't need to make sense 2. Ya i am sorry about that

did swain remove?

I dont see it in his favs anymore.. anyways, I've been seeing this show for quite some time already, anyways excellent job!

ConcorX responds:

It used to be in his favs but he has very few favs and he changes them around alot...still i got on there and that is an accomplishment!
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!*featuring* the very talented nutcasenightmare!!!(creator of the night santa went crazy music vid) and Allen awesome has been keeping an eye on it waiting for it to come out!I am very excited!