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Legend Of A Brave Warrior

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On a mysterious quest to find Sonic The Hedgehog, Sparkster makes contact with Shadow. Assuming this hedgehog is Sonic, Sparkster begins to initiate conversation. However...

...This Hedgehog is in no mood for talking or making new friends...

A spin-off from "The End Of Friendship"

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this is really good 10/10 ^^


1. What was that all about Sonic and the emeralds being ripped out of his body?
2. Did you intend for that music to be annoying and repetitive?
3. Is there some sort of prequel so we know why Sparkster was looking for Sonic?

Oh and Jynxster, Sparkster is an opposum. Not an ardvark.
Sorry to disect your flash. Please answer my questions!

JayLittle responds:

Hello. Sorry I've taken so long but I very rarely log on these days. In answer to your questions, my "`Sonic: Apocalypse" series should explain the emerald incident, I DO AGREE that the music was an AWFUL choice. and is was not meant to be known at that point why Sparkster sought Sonics help. I also have always believed Sparkster to be an Aardvark, so if what you say is true then I thank you for correcting me. Thank you for your review.


pretty friggin awesome but the music was annoying

I like it

Dude please tell me you are going to make a sequel. That was a pretty good start to a story. I have seen so many crappy Shadow movies and I'm a big fan so good job.

Not bad.

It was good, but the music choices could of been better, overall though, it was a good flash. I hope to see the next one.