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Tank_SM.Gif Collab

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Author Comments

Hello everyone!
Its a long time that I submit anything to NG.
I present to you Tank_Sm.gif Collab!!

People who contributed:
(PicoZX , NG-Unit , OrganClock"The L1st" , Too-Demonsional , Monkey-Boy, Greth-of-choas , Czer and Shuk. )

Hope you enjoy!

Report any bugs please. ^-^

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This is a horrid way to remember tank_sm.gif

This is an atrocity, tank_sm.gif should be remembered not through putrid animations devised by noobs, but rather the skills and mastery of true Flash virtuosos.

PicoZX responds:

N00bs? Your kidding, right? If not, your an idiot. Don't dare send me an PM.


it has a good story, and seems very good, but there are some problems. i mus tell when you first view it, it doesnt shows the artists, when you press the button. it just replays all over, and when you get to press the play, it gets the song to loop over and over, and when it gets to teh next scene (by other guy) it gets to loop by 2, and it gets really annoying to hear. also to make a difference between parts, i suggest you put the names on top left, by big green letters, and have a small tag on them, and in credits, instead of showing a guy smashing a tank, you should get the artists hug that small thing, or something. other than this, it was nice, cool. and.. yeah, do these. and it will improve much at

PicoZX responds:

Alright. I'll take your advice.

Not that good

Sorry, but it wasn't good. Organclock's was probally the best as it the entire thing was good. Clicking on the Artists button at the beginning just replays the intro to it. Some of the contributers need to learn to make better animations as some, no probally ALL of them were terrible. Like what Nicholas-Deary said. Learn how to do better animation. And when you've gotten better, make another collab.

Crappy and Gitchy

Looked like it was made by some 8 years old kids that just discovered flash... And what the fuck was wrong with the music ? It has like the same "Bytesize" music playing multiple time. And ... hum Tank_SM became the favicon so it still on NG.

Needs a lot of work

-When you press the 'artists' button on the main menu, it just goes to the start
-By the end, there were about 5 copies of the same song playing
-The movie would pften jump around showing unfinished frames

-maybe look at some of the tutorials on Newgrounds
-when you've got more experience, maybe do another collab.

good luck.

PicoZX responds:

Thanks for the review.
I'll take it.