The Fall of Newgrounds

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Hey bro's and hoes

This Flash is about what would happen if the pesky Kittykrew ever overthrown Newgrounds by hacking their servers... It's about 4-5 minutes long. Ps. My Mic is broken so i could speak for tom when he was on the phone.

My flash skills have greatly improved from my last work.** ALL KITTEN ANIMATION IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK BAD. The reason is because all there stuff sucks. And btw this was also know as my short Tom goes Emo But this time it has a storyline and well It's not just tom going emo... If you wanna watch the short it's 268kb and its under my other submissions flashes.

Tom fulp we love you

Important: Please leave REVIEWS!!! even if you dont like it i love all comments good or bad theres nothing wrong with critism.


good work

I liked what u did with the kitty krew factory...i still think they outa ban kitty krew and is that ur point in this flash cus im shure that kitty krew are a bunch of wird ass people. any way good grafics and nice story , if i only had the program i would make a flash too, exept i would kill kitty krew.


Graphics wise its okay i guess but other than that there really isn't anything to look at here. The error messages look terrible. The animation is limited in that all you really see moving is toms hands when he types something in. youve got music and one or two sound effects which is good though.

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it was long with good music. i enjoyed it


Okay I've got something to say.... but 9/10 you won't see it my way. One member of the KK Wackyanimation is like, me besterest friend ever and pretty soon I'll join him on the KK. BUT DON"T BE HATIN'!!! I haven't seen him or newgrounds in a year, so I don't know the ohter KK members yet... But it's funny how they started so much controversy and I think it can help KK AND NG. We could make this literaly a flash war... just think of all the kinds of things just like this flash we could make! And in the end this site is all about flash art right? It's cool to pit oursevles against each other for some fun. But when it comes right down to it I really loved the flash, not just the message it carried, and I hope you make more.

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CaptainCloud2 responds:

Theres absolutly no hard feelings in this flash :) but yah that would be interesting.

Make Stamper stamp!

Some KK skulls, of course, in the sequal!

At least, for once, Wade was porttrayed as a hero!

Its very scribbley etc, but its fun

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CaptainCloud2 responds:

Thanks for your idea i can always use suggestions!

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Dec 2, 2007
2:35 PM EST
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