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So I got a daily feature, weekly fourth as well as front page. Jeez. Thanks very much to you lovely voters for allowing me this honour :)
Thanks very much featuring Webcamoose! on the front page! I heart you, Newgrounds!
Wowzers. My first solo daily feature! Thank you very much newgrounds and to all those that left positive reviews, it means a lot to me.
This has been quite an ordeal.

I made the first recordings and animations around three weeks ago when I should have been doing REAL work... I've spent the last four days touching everything up and adding a bunch ofnew content (perhaps 1 minute+) and...well...here we are!

My first (but not last) experimentation with a webcam in my new University Hall of Residence (it's nice having my own space to arse about in), this flash contains lots of video footage of me - explaining the large filesize.

Super-special thanks go to KaynSlamdyke (who helped me come up with a bunch of ideas as well as supported me the whole way through) and AlmightyHans (who was also very supportive and even did some voice acting last minute for the toon, which unfortunately didn't get here on time). They've both got cameos in the cartoon.

PLOT (if you can call it that):

Alex struggles to cope with his new guests' scheming ways while Hans learns that it's not a good idea to try and force a moose into anything - especially stopping his sordid ways.


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make html no more flash

flash will no longer be supported by dec 2020. please update.

Good work

Creatively this was a lot of fun, i especially like how well you were able to intergrate the flash characters into the real landscapes. I thought the character designs were well done, the moose was very cool. The ghostbusters scene was possibly the best as the music was just fabulous but i also liked the added extra after the credits. Instead of a number of small shorts it would be cool to have an overall story with this style. Overall an entertaining entry.


that was too funny! i give you a 9!

Skilled? =)

Very well done movie! =) I liked that you mixed cartoons with real life in this one, made it alot better then it would be otherwise. Good job!