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Escape Turquoise Room

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You've applied for employment at Scientific Lab, Ltd., but in order to get the job, you must pass the Personnel Department's final test. Escape the test room using only the items and information in the room, or someone else will get the job you want!
* Make sure that you remember that you have a limited inventory space. So if you don't need something anymore, put it back where you found it to free up a slot in inventory!

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answer this

on the rules it says if it dosn't move... . if what dosn't move. and you can't do anything with the items but pick them uo and put them down. i tries tapeing the door after fliking the first 2 swithes, then i tried taping tge swicthes themselves. it won't work. other than that fun game

it was ok i guess 6/10

yeah i don't get what to do a little help plz :(

HOLY Cow...

That took me forever but it was reallllyyy educating.... lol i know how to make lamps and stay acid free now yayyy

could be better

I like room escape games but this one frustrated me. The limitation on Inventory space is so madening that I quit before I got very far. It seems like it would be a good game but there's to much work involved that doesn't involve the puzzles.


I do like escape games a lot. I did get stuck, however, because I couldn't figure out how to make objects interact with eachother. Maybe I just wasn't mixing the right objects. I also got a little annoyed with the child-like sound effects. Perhaps more realistic ones would be better. Also, when an item description comes up, perhaps make closing that description deslect the item rather than having to click the hand. I thought the description came up to slowly too.
Aside from that, well done.

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2.68 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2007
11:29 PM EST