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Kirby Vs. Sir Kibble

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Author Comments

omg, kirby fights sir kibble, and its home made ;p



KTNK was better though.. >.>


It was good but please make it longer


I saw no purpose behind it.

Your off at a pretty good start...

...BUT allow me to point out the flaws of your first flash...

1) You made the mistake by making the letters from Paint...LINES AND PENCIL IN PAINT, FONTS DO NOT MAKE! At least use a real font program because that just looked terrible...
2) You gotta get better quality sound...that quality of a Kirby Boss Fight music thingy sounded like rotten ass.
3) It wasn't really all that dynamic of a battle...
4) It wasn't really a complete flash for that matter...it was just A scene...that's it. It needs to be longer.

On the bright side, at least you had a Play button, and it's a good thing you didn't waste your time on a preloader because it's only 91.1Kb. You even had a Replay button, good score! That, and your Kirby didn't look half-bad! Nor Sir Kibble either...your animation is somewhat unique and not shitty at all.

Like I said before, your on the right track. Just keep working on it. Peace Out.

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

SirKibbleKnight responds:

Yeah, I know it's bad. That's because once I made up to him picking up the sword, I got bored with it, so i did the rest as quickly as possible. That was two years ago though...
As for the sound, I just grabbed the first kirby fight music i could find, and it was from a gameboy kirby.. so... yeah.

Wait wait wait you really where trying?

The animation was good! you have tallent! Not alot of people do! you used a famous and an obscure nintendo charector also good! you had the worst fucking music ever in the backround NOT GOOD you made me think my speakers had broken or somthing! Then you made kirby eat him??? why inthe fuck did you make a movie of kirby eating someone? if i wanted to see him do that i would play my goddamned gameboy but if i wanted to whatch him fight now fot that i would come to newgrounds!It wasn't funny had no plot (other then the fact that he is kirby and the other guy is one of the many enemys of kirby) and it ended with you making the worst mnov epossible HE FUCKING ATE HIM! NO! HE CAN'T FUCKING EAT HIM ON THE FUCKING MOVIE!

and thats my two cents
P.S thanks for wasting my time with your shitty shitty movie and for murdering my love of the adorible little pink puff that is kirby! you whore!

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Credits & Info

2.59 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2002
9:49 PM EST
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