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In Crumbled you play as a crumbled piece of paper. You have to go through 30 levels, with even a boss at the end. Complete each level by getting to the green flag. Crumbled is not like most platformers, you have to draw your ground. There is no limit to how much you can draw, but be cautious... As drawing to much can block off the green flag. If you do happen to mess up, you can hit the restart button to reset the level.

You can go under ground, and pop out on the other side! Use this to your advantage. You will need to use this to get under and through circles, even over walls. This method can make or brake you. Sometimes green flags are in these circles... But fear not! Use the under ground method to pop up right underneath the circle touching the green flag.

Each level will vary. Levels start out easy, but then get gradually hard. Some levels compose of merely circles, others are a complex system of walls. Within these levels are monsters. There are 2 kinds of monsters. The first one is the Ink Blot, it is very fast and big, sadly it can only travel one path. The next would be the Paper Ball, it is slow but don't underestimate it. The Paper Ball can appear out of 1 of the 4 sides of the screen. If either of these enemies hit you, you have to restart.

The boss is a pencil. To get to him you must defeat all 30 levels by drawing the path to the green flag. The pencil can draw and erase his own ground, you won't have to draw much to defeat him. However, you must beware of his pencil tip... For if it hits you you must restart. To beat him you must deplete his health bar to nothing by hitting his eraser. Good luck.

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The gameplay is nice, although I noticed a few glitches like you can go through the platforms sometimes, I like the style of the graphics, and the choice of music you used is nice.

dang it

i got to the boss level AND I DIED 9 TIMES WOW!


On lvl 17 is some sort of weird glitch:
Every time I move this ink circle teleport me to the far right side of the lvl.
Can you fix this?
Anyways good Music.Nr.2 is best.


get to boring though

This is a rip-off.

This is a rip-off of draw-play... think before you have ideas. still kinda liked it though