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KrEid xmas special 2007

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Christmas special for 2007. Dont open till xmas :) Actually DO OPEN IT! i need ratings !!!

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nice job you've come a long way

Kreid responds:

Thanks :)

Very Good

You've come along way KrEid, your animations are alot more smoother now and far more detailed. cant wait to see what they will be like in a couple more months :-). you can tell this must have taken you quite a while to make. So well done for sticking to it and making this great animation.

Kreid responds:

It took 5 days XD XD

pretty good

This was good and funny in some parts, I really enjoyed it. :D


Kreid responds:

Thanks a lot :)

tis the bestest vids evas =D

i thinks itz the bestestestestest vide eva, n i wants 2 b just like KrEid wen i grows up, or i wanna b a honey badger, i hav not decideds yet. keep smiling children, it'll keeps away michael jackson-v gd video KrEid! woooo!

a joke 4 u: Q.) how do you make an archeologist embarrassed?
A.) give him a used tampon and ask what period it's from

Kreid responds: