the Closing Hour (part 1)

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EDIT- Thank you for frontpage!
I present you with the grim and unsettling results of a semester's worth of work! I unfortunately had to split the file to fit in the file size parameters (it could have been hosted perhaps, but I was impatient to get it out). You can find a higher quality file on my site, in one peice, if the splitting is an issue.

Part 1 of 2, both online currently.
Part 2: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/412736

©2007 Grey Gerling. All Rights Reserved.
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It was good, but...

you should probably stick with comedy. The boss and the fat "USA #1" guy were hilarious, but the rest of the film ended up being just weird rather than very artistic or sad. I watched the whole thing on your website, and it wasn't bad, but please, stick to comedy.

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it was a bit weird and i dint really get it but im sure it will be explaned in the next ones(s)

Impossibly amazing- beyond it, even.

This may be the coolest thing I haev seen on the internet in my entire life, and I am VERY doubtful that I will see another flash movie with this sort of ethereal quality.

The way the film is structured gives off the honest to God feeling that the main character is trapped in a nightmare, born of the fear that his life's end is drawing closer and closer. The general feeling that something is wrong, out of place is ever present, without it being shoved in the viewers face.

I felt some emotion for the main character. To be honest, I felt shock at the end of the first part of this film (I'm too dumb to notice it's in two parts and thought it just ended with that thing doing that stuff to the protagonist) and something close to relief when his nightmare was over, leaving only one question; was this all just a dream, or was his disappearing from the nightmare symbolic of the brain tumor taking his life? Well, either way, it was very well done.

I loved this film. Amazing. Watch it again or I will hunt you down and shove a broom handle up your nose.

Also, was it so wrong that I laughed out loud whenever the manager appeared on the screen?


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ok, too creepy for me...

but i enjoyed it. plus I'd give you a five even if you submitted and animated floating piece of crap in a toilet bowl! keep on trucking.

Nice job...

I saw both parts, and what I can say, it was an awesome piece of work! I love your animation style and after watching that, my festive mood sorta...eh...went down :|

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Nov 30, 2007
2:56 PM EST