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City victims

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Who kills who? There are many cities in the world where millions of lonely people live. The larger the city, the more solitude you get. People get used to it in time. It captures and changes them, so they are addicted to it. On the one hand, we are becoming even more dangerous for each other. On the other hand, we feel more independent and secure...So what?

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Thats What i Call a 5-Star Movie :D

I'm like the pink animal.

I ate the pizza and I got caught. And now I'm alone. :D

Interesting concept

Quality was incredible, as animals were used instead of people itself, becoming, then, more expressive then real people cartoon as those really need intense expression job. Plus, the cartoon-style idea gave them some sort of exagerated expression, making even more visible the feelings of the characters.

The storyline is a contracted form of the common thought of "the betray of a friend is a consequence of temptation surpassing the friendship itself, but the real consequence in the overall is that a traitor satisfy himself only by alienating from the fact he slay those he loves for personal interests".

Does not fit me though. My problem is not being alone, but the "dèjá vu" feeling that my life is a continuous repetition where all that matters I can suppose even if they are surprises, as these same surprises already happened to other people and they are not a so new concept. So, emotionally, did not touched me very much. Wrong medicine for the wrong problem.


Though, not completely as emotional as other movies labeled ''disturbing'', this one still has a lot of thought, effort and quality in it. Loneliness is, indeed, a problem that anyone can relate to. You have successfully portrayed an episode which I have gone through, a lot of times. And the guitar sounds in the background really added to the impression.
Good luck.

It sad to be alone...

I like the concept. When the pizza arrives it was wierd, but that's the point. However, it's a interesting short. I like it. :D