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DailyDay4: Zekey II

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Author Comments

Oh hello there abandoned project that I'm probably going to scrap and redo at a later date because it currently sucks and the story needs work and there's too many characters.

Oh hi.

A race of atomic supermen you say?

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This was fine for what it was. It was just meant to convey a single message. That's what it did! It wasn't great though. It would have worked better as part of a collab. You know, like the Star Syndicate always does.

I can't believe I'm praising them. Well, you are part of them. I hope it all works out for you. I hope you're not feeling depressed. I am.

Pretty simple

Cool message but not much was really put into this.
Interesting animation.

Simply Astonishing

So short but so much meaning,you should finish it!


A nice tribute to a legendary author, heh. All these daily days are lovable, comical, random and entertaining, despite their shortness. Keep up the good work!


Something feels like it's missing.

Excellent start of a flash. Will be looking forward to the finished copy. Hmm...And maybe if you add an "A" as the first word in the quote, you won't be harassed by the grammar whores on Newgrounds. Just a suggestion.