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Vector Runner

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Use the arrow keys to steer. Avoid the obstacles and collect the powerups for points, shield power, and invincibility. P will pause the game, but also incur a 250 point penalty.

This is the second Dig Your Own Grave game, and was a little harder to do because of the 3D. It seems like it takes Flash about a minute and a half to multiply two numbers together, which made all the 3D math kinda slow. In the end I think I got it to a playable framerate.

The game starts to get really fast, and can be a little difficult for most people, but I figured it would make it more fun for the people who really like this style of game.

Hey, if anyone can try this on a Wii, let me know if it runs okay.

Until next time...

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I had the invinsibility powerup for a while so i got used to it...

but then it turned off at the last second and i died. really fun though!

I wasn't that impressed by this. It's mostly because it just isn't well detailed and you're going through the same area over and over. That being said, I did appreciate it for its simplicity. You didn't seem to want to make anything flashy. The sound effects are pretty good too. I thought it would be impossible for me to pick up one of those green things, but it wasn't that hard. It just gets redundant after awhile.

There could just be better colors used. It's harmless for what it is, just not something that I would really recommend. It is kind of unique in its execution. I have played games like this before, but not ones like this recently. I also wish that you could get rid of the penalty for pausing.

Amusing in a way that's confusing

I'm not really sure why this game amuses me so, but I can say that it's ultimate proof that graphics don't make a game.

When the title says "vector runner" it means that's basically the game. You control a box through a tunnel that looks like it's being rendered on a Virtual Boy except the Virtual Boy isn't crap in this case so it looks really impressive.

The game is about as simple as driving games get: you drive around obstacles and pick up powerups. The only obstacle I've noticed that does anything special is an EMP mine, which is a complete bastard because it wipes your vision and more often than not will cause you to blunder blindly into another EMP mine right when your vision was coming back ad infinitum or until you slam into an obstacle.

Still, the game is simple and that's the best part about it. I've found it to be great to stay up late and mess around with while I'm watching a video in the background. Its main claim to fame is the vector graphics gimmick, which believe it or not is really all it needs. As the game speeds up it does a nice little thing where the camera zooms into your car, which alters the angle at which you see the old-timey retro graphics and, believe it or not, actually makes the 3D effect look way better. Effectively, the more you play the better the game gets. It's a formula you can't beat.

I found myself getting really good at the game by accident, which I think speaks for its quality in design right there. I have noticed that after a while the game will for whatever reason just give up and stop throwing obstacles at you for a while in what I think is either a glitch or an attempt to give the player a break in which the entire game starts over again. This is confusing and I'm not sure if I like it, but I do appreciate the large gap between obstacles right when it starts to get really painful.

One thing I will say I despise is the bit at the start of the game where I have to watch it explain the controls to me AGAIN every time I start the game. All I'm asking for is a "skip" button and that's it. Problem solved.