Nodes 2

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Creator 5 Points

Check out the Level Editor!

Learning 5 Points

Beat the Tutorial

Medium Master 10 Points

Finish the game on Medium!

Ultra Genius Brain 50 Points

Finish the game on Hard!

Author Comments

Nodes 2 is finally here, sorry about the delay. Now with 30 brand new levels and some cool features. We took into consideration all suggestions given and tried to put them in. Sorry for the level editor not having all the features available in the game, but some things just cant be added.

Time to get your brain thinking in this unique puzzle game :)

New features include -
- Level Editor with code you can share with everyone
- Curvy Lines
- Mirrors

Sponsored by Hypegames.com

Note - When pasting Codes into level editor, leaving spaces between lines will stuff it up, so make sure to remove them if copying them out of NG reviews and such.


i like the idea of the puzzles and it has a bit of difficulty as well.

There's a mistake on the difficulty settings.

Tutorial is just tutorial, you can't lose unless you really want.

Medium is "Easy", as most nodes are almost perfectly lined up for red, and then, curved for blues. Also, some of those puzzles can be done without using all the pieces, too.

Hard is initially "Medium", then "Hard" for a little time (UNTIL LEVEL 6) and then just "Go F*** yourself" at level 7 and beyond, as it is simply impossible to ever guess what goes where, leaving it to (mostly) chance and (less mostly) sheer luck, not to mention curved node sets tend to give a false clue how to solve the level, taking valuable time away and almost always setting up the bomb.

Which is exactly what I was looking for. Not going to give up that medal.

Not a bad job good work

made this while bored

1362911360421761684630602192172512762 7207036414938624348426402935102935107 9351079351129351129351179351179351231 3512313514291953492960252133831762020 52203052489055516283308351308351%%%%%

Eggy responds:

Very nice

Lol most imposible level

Can you finish it?
I know i can.
If You Cant its alright i mean your still as worthless as you look anyway

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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2007
8:02 AM EST
Puzzles - Other