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Reviews for "Nodes 2"

Awesome man...

10/10 5/5 awesome man... its very creative. But dont take me wrong because im very infamous on the forums here XD... Anyway id pay you to make nodes 5(LOL)

good but...

lvl 9 outta 15 on medium fustrated me so much that i don't want to play this game. sorry. 3/5 6/10

Cool ideas for the sequel!!

Hey man, you thought of some good ideas to out in this one. The curving nodes were pretty cool, but I couldn't figure out what it did for a while. THen I read the instuctions. Keep cranking out the awesome games!!

Good puzzle game

It's not something that holds my attention for too terribly long, but it is enjoyable. People are more into puzzle games will have the patience to go far in this. The blue lasers seemed fairly annoying in their curvature. I would have liked to see some guides to have an idea of where the lasers will go. Sadly, I don't have a suggestion on how to make the guides work.


Great game!!! Really fun. Here's a good level that I designed:

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