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JL: Law School 28

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This flash may contain epic lulz. Viewer discretion is advised.


Beginning as a plural variant of lol, Lulz was originally an exclamation but is now often used as a noun meaning interesting or funny internet content.

Lol -> lul; lols -> luls; lolz -> lulz.

Lulz is the one good reason to do anything, from trolling to arson. After every action taken, you must make the epilogic dubious disclaimer: "I did it for the lulz".

This has been pioneered by encyclopedia dramatica, famous for posting a fake craigslist add and then listing the personal info of those who responded.

"Why did he post a suicide note on livejournal before killing himself?" "I hear he did it for the lulz."

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Is there any point to this?

This represents everything that is wrong with society. A 'Wired' techno society that abbreviates everything and finds such insignifigant joy in trolling absurdist websites for Flash animations, subsequently commenting on them behind the anonymity of a screen name and avatar.

Hold on, my hypocro-stat just tripped.

(head explodes)