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Slick: Showdown

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Update: Hey guys, now I make money! Just view the vid, and possibly click the add, and boom! Cash.
Thanks guys!
-= Slightly graphics intensive, so you might wanna switch your quality to medium. Default is high. =-
-=Recommend for music video collection. Might seem silly, but the entire movie is synched to this song and I think it could be a nice addition ;)=-
Movie Basics: Slick fights things. Why is it suitable for all audiences? No gore, blood, etc. The first set of bad guys just pop when they're hit like balloons, and the other one... just watch the movie, mkay?
Now for some other non important info (if you care): I am pleased to announce that my second started flash for newgrounds is FINISHED! The first being a now almost obsolete flash which I couldn't finish do to deadlines for other movies, and the third being Black Tar Stick Figures, a stick figure flash which is kinda sloppy as it was made in 4 days. If Black Tar Stick Figure could get so many reviewing 10's for its humor, I sure hope this one scores high for what I'd call choreographed flash. That is, almost every thing that happens is synched. Yes, some scenes don't synch alot, but many of them are too synched to describe. And with music as awesome as cornandbeans's, I really hope you enjoy this fighting movie music video hybrid :D

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wait is this racist ?


i epic lul'd at tha little tap dance thing the good guy did on the bad one freakin FUNNY

Slick-Productions responds:

Haha, thanks? xD

Well Done!

Wow... That was sick :D I love how it kept in beat with the music :)

Slick-Productions responds:

Thanks for the new review! It's ALWAYS good to see that someone else has taken the time to comment on an old thing like this :D
And yes, I put a lot of effort into keeping the action synched with the music. If you don't do that, I feel, it makes the music pointless almost ;)


i wish i could do that lol.

Slick-Productions responds:

A new review!
Thanks, I'm actually getting a lot better at animating than I was when I made this :D



Slick-Productions responds:

Thanks :D