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Marine's Racing Game

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This is a racing game I made, with some coding help from EraserClock. I hope you like it. P.S. I will submit other levels.

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this was terrible because
1) the game went straight into game play
2) there is no menu
3) the graphics are bad
4) the character you drive in is bodged

constructive points
1) make a play button (the NG pre loader Play button goes to frame 2)
2) the play button goes to a menu
3) get more levels
4) improve graphics
5) change the egg thing to a car

nice, but...

its ok, and very good, but make a sequel, and, put a story, first, an animated story of how this happened. i mean why would iceblock and marine clock, would try to go to a race? make an interesting story, so taht it will be fun. also then, after, when you skip to tha menu, and press play to the game, just add some difficul;ties. dont make his character just run, but add some things to jump over, like a rock, or a river, or to duck over a tree, or at a roof, of a buiding, or a wall, and aput those in. also make him take power ups for speed, and health, and to have also some bad pow ups, taht will slow him down, or make him ge hurt. this will add challenge to the game. just add those and it will be perfect. also add levels. the music was ok, and the credits where fun. i liked this alot!

i love it!

mostly cuz im in it but none the less! EXILENT!


No offense but this sucked. If you tweak it up and change part of the graphics then I'll be glad to give a higher score.


for starters you should have the game itself detect whether you won or not