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Cold Heart

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This is an Official Animutation **©** !
The song uses is Professor Cold Heart's theme from Care Bears. The whole thing's only a minute long. Reminds me of Do the Mario.
Well, watch it for crying out loud!

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You're not going to believe this! I was just looking up the movie "Good Burger" right before watching this! What a crazy coincidence! While this wasn't that elaborate, I still loved it. I think it's mostly because Cold Heart is so funny. I love seeing him with Krusty the Klown's body.

The other characters were very unique. It was nice to hear an English song with no fake lyrics. It still works well for an animuation! It's a pity I never got into "Care Bears". I know nothing about this character.


But it still good!


I remember that song and hated it haha but this video was wicked looking and funny as hell as usual though it was a bit shorter than the normal Animutation but still got the job done.


I remember that song. >_> It seemed to go on FOREVER cuz he just kept wandering around and singing...

But STILL, great vid, I love it. :D


Great Animations!