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medevial retards 2

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the second eppisode in medevial retards, go to www.herblinland.com for episode 3, I cant upload anymore today, eppisode 4 is almost finished :-D Enjoy!


Some Nice Features

Some of the features were better spoken for such as the pace and sense of timing is great just about 5 minutes in total I think is what it was keep up the great work it was perfect I was expecting this to be extremley short but glad it was as long as it was. The plot is fairly twisting and intruiging to keep on watching and seeing how the storyline twists and keeps the viewers entertained the script was well written. The sky colors were nicely drawn.

Some of the few mishaps were fairly major though such as the animation wasn't so bad like the backgrounds while the character designs seeked some great improvement and even sprites or character sheets would've been fine. The audio was a little crackly with the speaker and such with voices.

A fairly interesting series to continue to watch the whole way through and see how the storyline changes and continues to interest the viewers although some parts of the animation could be improved.

-TY Reviews

Voice acted.

Hey man I voice acted the wizard in this one :P
That was so long ago, my voice is much deeper now so lets make another medevial retards ? Or something, I just wanna voice act again that was so fun dude.


yea... its hilarious! the person below me obviously doesn't realize that its sup[posed to sound that way. i thought it was rockzor. Nice job, and be safe!

Well, it's bad.

Simply put, this submission is bad. Maybe it's cause I don't understand what's happening, or maybe it's because of the abosluteley horrible graphics, but whichever it is, this submission is bad. It went so painstakingly slow that I lost attention in it, I don't know who would watch the whole thing anyway, but I just don't like this submission. Overall you can judge a flash by it's review's length and what does that tell you? Subtitles please? Poor flash.


Not as good as the first one but still pretty good. I can't wait til they get to the dragon. I love the cheesy sound effects and voice acting. Was the rogue increasingly getting shorter?

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herblin responds:

:-D yeah I personally wouldent call this my favriot either, ahah I dont think the rogues getting shorter :S haha I redraw him each episode though, # 4 looks 100% different, I lost all my FLA files, so I had to totaly redraw everyone. :-D thanks for the response though!

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2.62 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2007
11:20 AM EST
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