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The Bouncer

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The sequel to "Break The Walls Down!" is finally here. I spent hours working on it so I hope you like it.
In this one R and B are trying to get past a bouncer.
I'd like to thank my voice actor for working with me and of course, making the voices. There isn't that many voices, but they are done well. Hope you guys like it! I'll reply to all reviews, and please vote!

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Pretty cool

i've seen lots of odstacle type flashes like this. trying to get past something, or form one point to another. this is one of my favorites.

the voices needed to be loader and clearer. they were often drowned out by the music. and when it says the title, it should be more centred. a real preloader would be nice too ;)

heres my view of all 9 sections
1 (disguise) - kinda boring
2 (batters up) - not bad
3 (sneaky business) - i like it
4 (portal) - my favorite, just went on to long
5 (persuasion) - the funniest one
6 (power of rock) - i like how he just steals it
7 (intimidation) - i like how it had a different view point
8 (town hero) - could barely hear what was being said
9 (secret) - cool, i like the irony

Like your stlye

keep it up

wasnt sure at first

actually very funny, especially at the end


this was the funniest movie i have see in a while 9/10


This made me laugh hard, I loved the part where he tried to "pursuade" The Bounce. Loved it, good luck, hope this gets an Award xD Moving that aside... this animation was quite random in it's attempt to ammuse me, but it did ammuse me, good job :P