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Leek Of Ruin

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Author Comments

Leek sets out to ruin the day!

Happy Leek Day!

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Well, my eyes bled. AGAIN.

I'll give it a six because it was supposed to look bad, all clock submissions do. Funny?, almost. Blinding?, almost. Irritating?, Hell yes it was!
Well, its better than B *shudders convulsively* but still bad. A worthy clock submission, A.K.A., a piece of crap with blinking lights.

that's funny your funny

I liked it

it was so funny and cool

a great tribute to LeekClock!


Wonderful. Thank you very much. That was brilliant

WasabiClock responds:

I'm so much embarassed :3


Oh yeah unf yeah. Mmm.

ok watev

well anyway it obviously didn't take long to make but they gave us fair warning with the quarter assed theartre.