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Investigations of Chun Li

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this has bee a strange project, I tried to fit voices into it but alas, my mic is bust so its played to a castlevania remix.

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i would have to agree with the guy below me, you need to have a better story board before creating it. overall not bad but could have been better.

truthfully confusing

I decided to watch this before the second one. I'm surprised there's still only two reviews. Anyways, audio is nice, thanks to 16-bit style music. Visuals . . . okay . . . nothing special. I'm not judging this against the power star series, but I would assume these sprites would have a cooler action sequence and better flow of movement. The storyline, obviously not strong, made little sense. There's a bunch of zombie sprites, two cops shooting at zombies, ryu and ken fighting demons, and chun-li beating up a guard, while looking at your "robot". The dialogue then leaves one to question whether or not robots can truly be cloned . . . I want to assume you mean cyborg or android, at least. The originality . . . nothing special here, so no bonus points for that. I average that out to 6 out of ten, three out of five for this. (my own personal scoring system which makes no sense and changes every time xD)

hey nice job!

good job! better than i could do with sprites. a little confusing till the end but then it does make sence. hmmm maybe you could make it a little longer. good work can't wait for prt 2!


meh put a f@$kin story line it was just random stuff until the end come on man but its not completly worthless cuz of the sprites and everything

Myridon responds:

Thanks for the first review, surprised anyone waited till the end, it was a learning curb.
again thanks for the comment.

Stick around I will be working on the next one soon. More storyline garunteed.

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2.63 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2007
1:28 PM EST