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Fear Unlimited 2 Issue 1

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UPDATE - I fixed the mission 2 glitch. Sorry bout that. the tutorial was last minute add on and my beta tester must have missed it (he probably skipped the tutorial with rightclicking) i canceled right clicking on the final version tho :P Hope i dont get blammed cause of that.

Throwing this out there right now. The other 3 Issues will be made if this game does well enough.

The game is scaled down to fit NG standards Sorry. Its high Quality Version will be on ArmorGames soon

This is TRIBUTING Capcoms Devil May Cry. Me trying to bring its game style to flash. This is not me claiming the ideas they had as my own. I am not saying i can compare to them either. BUT what i am saying is that their series DMC and Resident evil are Great.

Again. If you wanna see Issues 2, 3 and the finale- 4 released This game has to succeed first.

The first thing id like to say is thanks to the people who did help. And Fuck you to all the ones who ditched me without a single word of resignition.

I hope you all enjoy this game.

PS if you want tips on how to deal with, and bust lag, look at one of the many thorough tutorials

This Game is told by Ebony's perspective. Though you dont see her much in this issue. She Is watching carefully.

This game is Huge, And if you find glitches. Please report them and dont simply click the Blam button.

Need Help getting to the next mission?


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Where can I find this game's music?

this is a hidden gem


Yeah, it's old. I don't even know if anyone plays it anymore. But just in case the programmer is still interested in making games and looks at reviews for feedback.
Fear Unlimited 1 is still one of my favorite games on Newgrounds. Fear Unlimited 2, I didn't like when first came out. But, after almost a decade, I forced myself to finish it. The games pros are good combat and artwork. The bosses are rewarding to beat.

Some bad things are the way the monks spawn. In 1, they came out of the sky. It didn't make sense but gave you a chance to move away. Here, they spawn out of thin air and can get cheap hits on you. The hints on beating bosses, mostly 1 and 2, aren't good. The first you have to throw your sword at him and hit his back until his fire turns off.

The second boss you have to hit his fireballs back at him. The only reason I knew how to do that was because I watched the game trailer. Saharas have a gut-stabber like the gold monks in 1. But in that game, you could counter it by juggling them above you. Here, you have to do jumping sword slams and hope you don't get hit.

The game is FULL of bugs. Sometimes the camera doesn't scroll with you when platforming, freezing the game. On the level with the magic-sword throwing boss, you can get stuck on nothing during the platforming section. Bosses can get knocked off the screen and not come back.

One time, Encon got buried in the ground. Against the Crystal Fire boss, if you die on the first stage, the game freezes. In the level where you have to feed Sahara's to the fire pit, sometimes they won't follow you to it.

There's more. Against the snake woman, sometimes the finishing move makes the game freeze. Against the twin brothers final boss fight, the blue brother only gets hit from regular sword slashes when all of them should hit. When you kill one of them, the other just runs off screen, throws fireballs and never comes back. You have to get them both low health, freeze time and kill them both at once. Those are just the ones I could remember off the top of my head.

Still it's nice to play a DMC tribute game.

I loved it

Epic, Awesome, i loved it and couldn't stop playing it