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Chuck Norris Encounter

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Very short cartoon with 3 options. Not meant to be long, just a short Chuck Norris tutorial.
Made by Ben baltes, sponsored by flashninjaclan.com .
Enjoy and remember that Chuck Norris always knows where you are.

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The animation in this looked quite bad. These two guys even looked mostly the same. Why did they have the exact same clothes? It just shows a lack of creativity. I knew I would lose no matter what. At least I had different ways to die.

The best part was seeing those facts. My favorite was the ghost one. Sadly, this is sort of old news, especially seeing as how Chuck Norris is anti-gay. I guess it was fine for something really short. It just did nothing for me.

I thought about deducting a star for the shortness but then damn lol forgot Chuck Norris was in this animation so u get a 10/10 :)


Pritty enjoyable nice one!


omg... I thought this was going to be crap, this is fucking amazing!!!
It is possible to give a 12/10 on newgrounds, but unfortunatly, I'm not Chuck Norris so I'll just give it the best I can XD
10/10 my friend...


I knew you'd be screwed no matter what you pick. Ya can't fight him, ya can't escape him, and he shows no mercy.