Domestic Partners 12

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The roommates are back at it again. Will and Tol-M are looking for dinner while Dixon pleads for a ride home from the airport. The first-ever completely ad-libbed episode, the Brothers Sniggle show their abilities in this new Domestic Partners adventure!


come on!

its kind of funny but the art hurts to look at. ive seen the whole series and u should have got better by now, really. download some flash tutors and add some real animation in there.


Why did this make me laugh? Why am I spending time writting a review on it? Why am I giving it a Seven? I don't know I just am. I really can't explain it.


Well, I suppose this is a pretty good flash. However (This is usually where the s*** hits the fan) It seemed like there was very little effort in character movements, as they seemed more like cut outs put in a scene and have thier mouths moving, or move like they don't have legs, and just throw themselfs forward to hop. Other then THAT, I enjoyed the art, some of the randomness, and a bit of the drop from one scene to the other without no warning or hint that its leaving that scene. Good job, good effort. S'alright.

Same ol, same ol.

It's a bit unoriginal in the jokes department, but it was funny none-the-less (and who's original nowadays?). I don't know what to think of the animation...it was okay for this movie. I guess I'm saying this movie was average, but in no ways did it push the limit of flash animation.

EDIT: If my review appears twice, it is unintentional. My connection to Newgrounds hiccuped, so I don't know if my last review posted or not.

woah '_'

the drawing sucked but that actualy added to it!
it was "like" but 40 times better than 12oz mouse

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3.30 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2007
10:53 AM EST
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