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Excit is the best safe for workspace puzzle game ever. You're trapped in a spreadsheet and you need to escape the 30 levels using the cursor keys without sliding of the screen.

I'm new to Newgrounds and recently, I published a game I did with my colleague, Daniel Renkel. The gameplay is a clone of an older game (like Roadblocks and Orbox) but we took a lot of time into polishing everything and making the game feel nice and juicy. Unfortunately before the game was finished the company it was made for was bought up by another company and the game was never officially published. Luckily, we've still got the money from them but until today the game was just rotting away on our servers so I thought I post it here so we have at least some people playing it. There is even a High Score list!

We would like to get in the Puzzle Game Collection, so if you like it, please be so kind to recomend it for that collection.

Thank you and enjoy!

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Nice work on this one great retro vibes

This game gives me extreme Pokemon ice cave vibes

Unique gameplay and unique design. For a 2007 Flash game, it simulates Excel EXCELLENTLY. Good job!

It never ceases to amaze me what truly unique games we have on this website. The coolest thing about this was probably how everything was done in that Excel format. Everyone knows what it's like to work with those things. Well, at least anyone who would play this game. While it wasn't well detailed, it was still really cool with the detail it did have. The little icon that signified the end of the level was pretty cool, too.

It's harder than it looks and you have to experiment with it. I like how you really created a large environment to move around. Granted, you don't have much mobility, but it's still interesting to explore. It's difficult to keep track of where everything is. It's mostly because everything just looks so similar in this.

Difficult, but great

i just had to check your game out, after i saw your presentation yesterday on Casual Connect in Hamburg. Amazing what long story there is behind this game. ;) The gameplay is cool and tricky. Good luck for next projects and
yes the animations are good!

greetz, rob - trying to finish the game