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Turkey Fling

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Pull and stretch the rubber turkey to see how far you can fling him. When in the air click to flap his wings and fly further. Grab the floating corn to power-up your flap meter. But watch out -- there are many hazards along the way like pointy-pointy forks, burning candles, gooey pies, steaming gravy and jelly traps. Oh yeah, watch the re-entry from space or you'll end up a crispy mess. Happy Turkey Day!

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I finally found it ! This game is my childhoof, I used to spend hours on it as a kid and I'm so glad I finally get to play it once again ! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having made this game

Best score: 53234

i like boneless turkey for Canadian thanksgiving

Pretty funny

I was entertained at how goofy this game turned out to be. This is one that really relishes (if it were a hot dog that would be more of a pun) in how silly it is. From the intro, I was hoping it would be CGI. It's still a fun game, but it could use more detail like have some more obstacles and a wider variety of powerups. The funniest bit was when you just stretched the turkey and let him run around. It is certainly a unique game in the "cannon" series or whatever you call these games.

What really works is how wonderfully cartoonish everything is. It seems just like something out of a classic Tex Avery cartoon. It makes me glad that there are a lot of Thanksgiving submissions, Halloween and Christmas just seem to have much more. It's fun to see just how much this turkey squirms. It might have worked better if there were some powerups.

it's..... pretty nice.....

not as good as Hedgehog Launch, but still. and where are all the money and stuff to buy and medals??

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3.31 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2007
7:25 AM EST