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Spoon Shorts 3 Uni

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Author Comments

This is my first animation in over a year. It's a little rough around the edges and this is basically three short animations about my university. I didn't have a whole lot of time to work on it, so...

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Wow, that's what it's like at a university?

Right now, I'm going to a community college working toward my Associates Degree (majoring in illustration/graphic design). The tuition's cheap, and I actually have money left over from my financial aid!

My art classes are the best, and my other classes (math, history, english, that kind of stuff) are fine, too. It shocked me when I saw my painting teacher actually paint! Usually, the teacher scribbles something on the board and then sits down at their desk and reads the newspaper. But my art teacher is an actual ARTIST! I dunno, I just like having teachers that don't shoot the ol' bs...

Great job with this flash!

LusikkaMage responds:

Yeah, I absolutely LOVED my community college. Cheap, and the teachers were some of the best I've ever had. And now that I'm at this university, it seems like I'm paying more for less. ^-^;

Java, C#, C++, A-Z, ur$$$

I only gave this submission a 10 because I could'nt score higher.

Tell the professor to show you how to program something complicatied like credit card registration and transactions that include a database. Drawing circles in Java doesn't land you a career.

You probably know more than the professor.

Think of the developers that dropped out and became millionaires. I'm not saying to dropout, but learn about the people who created Myspace, Google, Facebook...

LusikkaMage responds:

John Carmack (co-founder of iD, engine programmer for Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, etc.) went to my university, but dropped out because he thought the classes were bs. ^^;

And, heck, at my community college my FIRST SEMESTER we made a database for the final. Yeah, it was Visual Basic, but it was something practical nonetheless.

The classes here just seem to be teaching you how to do random little components of programs, but not any actual programs.

Thanks for the review!

Niiice XD

That was awesome. My favorite part were the fees. Everything was really funny though, and the chick was the sex ^_^

I know

you think your college costs a lot!!! mine is almost $25,000 a year, and thats after i chiped it down with scolarships and crap from almost $40,000. Oh why do I think its worth it, I don't even know sometimes. well your short was awesome I feel the same way in a lot of my classes, good luck!

LusikkaMage responds:

There really needs to be some sort of regulation on how much universities can charge. I'm pretty sure your uni doesn't need $25,000 per student per year to survive. :P

My community college, while not as big as a uni, had $80 per credit hour classes, and it was so much nicer than UMKC and the teachers even seemed more knowledgeable.

Wow if this is what you have to go through....

...Its gotta be bad at my local one. Animation was pretty good, you have a lovely voice, and i laughed a little. Overall great concept. Keep up the work!

LusikkaMage responds:

Haha, at least you don't think I sound like a dude (I've gotten a few reviews like that from older videos). :D
Thanks for the review, I'll try to make more stuff in the future~.

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2007
2:40 AM EST