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If the Ice Caps Melt...

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Author Comments

This is my most recent! What do you think? I like it! The graphics are getting better slowly but I just cant seem to make them really good - hmmm - any suggestions?

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Hey, just putting it out there:

What happens when you freeze a pop can? It expands and explodes. So why would say an iceberg not do the same thing? Maybe thawing out the ice caps won't bring flooding, but a lower ocean level...

Just a thought.

Dont be lazy!

Alright, dude..

I know u got soul for the nature & all...
But Peet, dude... Dont be lazy to add lot of Layers!!

The melt look kinda weird & Im sure cuz most of the part are all were in the same layer! Make each part for it's own layer. Maybe u can do like these...

- Right Mountain Shade
- Right Mountain Base
- Mid-Right Mountain Shade
- Mid-Right Mountain Base
- Mid Mountain Shade
- So On...
- Wave1
- Wave2
- Sea (All Blue)

Okay, second... Try to experiment to use ur OWN colour, dont use the GIVEN colour... use the colour that are near the grey/black part, u know almost bottom of the colour customize thing...

Example for sea colour :
I'll give u the code, & U see it in Flash Pro 8

Trees :

And lastly that I still wanna add here is...
Pro dont use that very much... If they do, they wont use black against bright green, okay?
If pro use it, they will use green & SLIGHTLY darker green.

That's all, good luck, Peet!

Not to bad....

Really.... I think you guys are being a little harsh, I thought it was pretty good, better than I could animate thats for sure. and I also noticed improvement since your other videos Peet, i didn't think it was that it was that bad. 8/10

the movie itself was done mediocrily

but the message is very flawed, i agree with most people about the ice melting causing an ice age, which makes no sense, and also you have no actual quotes or anything like a bibliography to sate where you got these "ideas". the world as we know it might end soon but not because of global warming. also improve your flash skills and maybe this will get more than a 2/10

Kinda missed all the marks here....

Hey, everyone is allowed a political opinion, and every can have theories as to what will cause the end of the world. (Yes, I've seen "The Day After Tomorrow" about 3 times, as well as countless Asteroids vs. Earth - type Sci Fi.)

This flash really didn't make the point. The animation and art style detracted from the message - which vacillated between being preachy and being ominous. The background song, which in itself was audibly OK, was another miss. I would think that the song would have been something more urgent or darker.

I can understand the importance of what you are trying to say - that this is the only planet we have, and if we don't take care of it, it'll put us back in our place. That's why you got a "3" - the idea was good, but the flash didn't do justice to the message.

Also, if you are going to animate a theory such as this, might I recommend doing a little research, and then posting the source of the research in the ending credits? This way, you can avoid the "where did you get your info from" questions.

Get some solid facts, and think about reworking this so that the audio and visual components flow together better. I think you can do better - you're on the right track...

And, yes, NO ONE really knows how it all ends. But we who live on the 3rd rock from the Sun should try to avoid hastening our own demise.

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Nov 17, 2007
6:55 PM EST