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This is my first FINISHED game. Use the creation interface to make a rhythm game, and then go play it!
Sorry my preloader's not working! I will try to address this soon.

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good music, BAD GAME

you should be able to hear the music while you add notes


A glitch:The beggening of time and free falling play together

Good idea, but not quite there

I love the idea, but the rhythm you create has nothing to do with the actual song. It doesn't really feel like a rhythm game.


the guy under me was telling almost evry glitch, exept one. if you're supposed to test your song, and then add more notes, ONLY THOSE YOU JUST ADDED WILL SHOW UP!!! so thats a big prob. for example: u write this: -r-d- -u-u-d- -l-r-l- -r-d-u- and then click play and go testing it, then u add more notes so it gets like this:-r-d- -u-u-d- -l-r-l- -r-d-u- (new notes:) -r-l-l-r -u-d-l-r-l-r-d- -u-d-r-. and then u click play(this has nothing with the songs to do!) and ONLY these notes will come up in the game: -r-l-l-r -u-d-l-r-l-r-d- -u-d-r-! thats quite a problem... whitout the glitches, very good 3/5.


Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too glitched up

Test your game before putting it here. I can make songs, but sometimes it bugs, and its ANNOYING.

First off, you can't modify your song. If you're making a specific song, and you make an error, you have to start ALL over again.

Second of all, if you put a blank space at the end, your notes will not appear, except for one graphically distorted note.

Third, if the song glitched up, you have to start over again, because the glitch will stay. And, the song WILL glitch up at random times

Fourth, if you modify a song that was glitched, it'll just show a up note, and an infinite amount of left notes that aren't hittable.

And fifth, adding notes to a song after playing it, will only put them at the beginning of the song, not the end.

Please release an updated version, with the same songs (BTW, I only gave you a 3/10 and 2/5 because they are my favorites), but revise the coding so that it doesn't glitch up. Also, please make it possible to modify the song if you made an error. If you do that, I will come back, complete my song, and tell it to the people of NG, because it rocks :P

Until then, I'm playing Frets on Fire. Nice work though :)

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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2007
12:14 PM EST
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