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Secret Agent Cliff

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In 1940 allied cryptologists has intercepted coded Wermacht message, but they were not able to crack the code. The general insisted on finding the information. So he sent one of his best agents, agent Cliff, on mission to Germany.
You control Cliff and you must help him to find Enigma encrypting machine and collect all pieces of German maps on your way.

LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS - walk (hold SHIFT + ARROW to run)
UP and DOWN ARROWS - climb ladders up/down
"A" KEY or SPACE BAR - jump
"S" KEY or CTRL - shoot

If you finish the game, you can submit your score to High Scores table.
Good luck!

*** Thank you guys for your reviews :)
Today I've uploaded version with modified controls and the game is also a bit easier.
Check it out and let me know if it is any better


pretty good

it was pretty good, the controls weren't very great, the blackness made it a little more difficult, and a map or something would be nice, just so your not running around aimlessly, but over all i liked it.

Good Game

Great game, I like the concept of the game and how the game play is set up. The graphics look 3D so that's good I guess. Need to fix on the controls though, still great game, and keep it up! :]

ehh its ok

the game was pretty good but the controls need some work, nad take off the blackness

its ok

the grafix r pretty good, but the animation needs work. also the controls suck.

Different but still good

Hey there,

In my opinion the way to control the character was a bit awkward, but I suppose that this is only my personal opinion (because I like clear, precise controls ;) )
But apart from that I really liked the game as far as i played (it wasn't that far anyway because of the controls) because the Atmosphere and the animations are pretty good.

All in all - keep it up! I would really like to see more games from you, maybe with clearer Controls without that acceleration-thingy

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Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2007
7:47 AM EST
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